Bespoke HR Solution and Services

Your Hero PEOPLEX App

Human Resources incorporates everything from routine administrative duties such as attendance, managing claims, leave administration, payroll and employees information to recruiting, benefits, and training.

People X App is a one-stop HR mobile app that caters to all size of companies. Our simple and easy-to-use interface is designed based on the user’s perspective combined with the latest technology.

We Help You To Automate All Of Your Routine Tasks With Minimum Effort.

At the core of PeopleX, below is our app features


View latest company news, events & announcement.

Your leaves as well as leaves applied by your staff

Employee birthday reminder and company public holiday


Leave application submission via mobile app

Notification and reminder of the leave application status

View leave application history


Scan receipt with your phone and submit the claim immediately

Notification and reminder for the claim status

View claim history and limit

E-Time Attendance

Self-check in and check out with geo location & geo fencing

View weekly and monthly timesheet

Track employee attendance, daily work hours instantly via app

Flexi Benefits

Allow employer to allocate yearly allowance budget to employee

Claim allowance from a list of benefits via app

View allowances history and entitlement balance

Exclusive Benefit

Enjoy universal employee benefits such as discounted offers and deals from F&B, travel, services, digital products and many more to come

Easy to browse rewards catalogue

Shop on the go and instantly receive rewards

Task Request

Pre-approval for your business trip, time off or work from home request

Budget approval request for entertainment that linked to your E-Claim

Raise any general request and get official approval from your superior

Track various type of request in a proper manner

Hierarchical Approval

Dynamic multilevel approval

Seamless online approvals process that allows easily sign off or reject on requests, as well as status tracking

Ensure sensitive data is only accessed by authorized users/approver

No more messy tangled email threads or piles of paperwork to share data and get your work done


Allow employees to download or send the monthly payslip to their email address

Easy online access to the monthly payslips

Online access and to download the EA form

Employee Handbook

Helps companies to solve the policy management challenges.

Effortlessly maintain, manage and share the company policies.

Employee can search and view the updated version of company policies easily.

Intranet Directory

Mobile directory makes finding and connecting with people in your organization so much easier

Search and connect for your co-worker through employee directory

Secure Cloud and Services

Hosted on world’s top cloud infrastructure: Microsoft Azure Web Services.

Trusted by startups, governments agencies, and 95% of Fortune 500 businesses.

Access your database anytime and anywhere with your account