Manual Paperwork Costing your Business?

Easy to use, cloud-based with intuitive mobile app and HR Interface with web access. Reduce HR workload by more than 60%.

PeopleX Web Interface

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If you are facing one or more of the following challenges, you are at risk


Digital document management solutions such as document scanning, off-site archive storage, digital mailroom and intelligent data capture can create some real efficiencies for your business. human errors have cost major companies in the U.K. and U.S. to lose an estimated $37 billion every year.

Lost Time & Employee Costs

How much time do your employees spend looking for information?  Searching through lever arch files or archive boxes for that vital piece of information or travelling to the archive room/other office sites can take up valuable time of your staff.

Misplaced Documents

Archiving documents in the correct manner is vital to keep your business operation running smoothly. Lost of documents can cost your business dearly.

Separate HR Platforms

Dealing with paper-based systems or manually transferring data between separate platforms can be very time-consuming and decrease productivity.

Data Security Issues

For those who don’t protect data, heavy fines can be issued.  You need to ensure that data is being processed securely and that measures are in place to avoid unauthorised access or accidental loss.

Lack of Business Focus

Businesses without focus will lead to various complications. Our solutions & services take care of your HR & Payroll matters so you can have more time and attention to focus on your company’s core functions.

Super Easy To Use

  • Reduce administrative cost and time
  • Increase productivity
  • Accelerate decision making
  • Allow instant access to information
  • Mitigate compliance risks
  • Improve employee engagement
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We have built the remarkable mobile app and web interface to take away your pain. It’s proven by more than 30,000 users!

Desktop Access

Maintain employees data and generate real-time reports for attendance, leaves, claims, task request and more from any web browser of your computer.

You can set unlimited levels of workflow approval.

PeopleX Web Interface Access
PeopleX HR Mobile App Dashboard View

Dashboard View

Customizable dashboard that provides a glance of latest company’s news, announcement and calendar that shows your leaves, staffs’ leaves, employees’ birthday and public holidays.

Attendance & Shift Management

Fixed or flexi working hour? Shift Work? We’ve got it all covered including Overtime! No hardware purchase & maintenance required!

Attendance with timestamp, geo-fencing and geo-location which supports multi-locations check-in just by taking a selfie or photo. 

Say goodbye to manual shift assignments and use our shift planner for your workforce management.

Shift Management, Attendance and Overtime
Submit claim via PeopleX Hr Management Mobile App


Paperless, convenient, fast and easy. Just snap a photo of the receipt and submit via mobile app. Approval can be done remotely anytime, anywhere. IT JUST WORK!


No more running behind managers to get signatures for leave approvals or clarifications. Now you can check leave entitlements and balances on the spot. You can also apply leaves anytime and anywhere via the PeopleX app!

Leave management on mobile of Hr Solutions App Webpage Malaysia
PeopleX HR Mobile App Task Request

Permintaan Tugas

Raise any request such as business travel, time-off, work from home or anything that is related to your business, and get official approval for it.

Faedah Flexi

Annual budget can be allocated for employees to claim their preferred benefits such as optical, dental, smart gadgets or any other benefits at your discretion.

PeopleX Mobile App Flexi Benefits Feature
PeopleX Exclusive Benefits

Feedah eksklusif

PeopleX provides a rewarding platform for employers to ‘pamper’ their employees such as discount vouchers, points and more to increase your employee satisfaction. We take care of your people by bringing in more corporate deals/discounts for you.

Employee Handbook & Directory

Maintain, manage and share in-app company’s handbook/policies. Mobile directory makes finding and connecting with people in your organization easier.

PeopleX Mobile App Intranet Directory

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