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In light of the announcement of Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), most economic sectors are finally allowed to resume business. However, SMEs are still largely affected as there are still certain limitations and guidelines to adhere to.  

If you are one of these SMEs, it is important that your business continuity strategies are on par with the current economic situation in order to stay afloat and keep growing. One of the most important aspects of business growth strategy is focusing on its people.

Therefore, in addition to maintaining operations and sales, your strategies should also focus on HR management. Hence, here’s an effective guide to help HR managers understand and navigate through their challenges of managing teams.

HR Challenges

Common Challenges


One of the biggest challenges is for HR managers to supervise their team’s job efficacy and efficiency without being seen as ‘controlling’. At the same time, employees also have the constant stress of having someone overseeing them and ‘breathing down their necks’. Also, due to in-house processing or human errors, managers might even have a hard time tracking attendance and working hours accurately .

To prevent these, E-Time Attendance will be a useful feature:

  • Employees can do their own check-ins and check-outs, without worrying if their manager will not know if they turn up at work on time. Managers will also have a direct system to view their employee’s working hours (without manually looking for files or calling them up).
  • Geo location & geo fencing is available, to make sure that employees are where they claim to be. This will put employees at ease, knowing that their whereabouts are proven in the app, while managers can trust their employees fully.
  • HR managers can have clarity on employee’s job efficacy and efficiency with weekly and monthly timesheets.



Remember the times when you had to fill in forms and spend at least 15 minutes justifying on paper why you needed a leave? To make matters more complex and time-consuming, HR managers will have to deal with the employees one-by-one via calls or back and forth emails just to approve/disapprove the leave applications.

With a proper E-Leave Application, both managers and employees will be able to manage leaves with only a few taps of the finger! Available in PeopleX’s HR mobile app, this leave management feature includes:

  • Notifications and reminders of the leave application status.
  • Access to leave applications history makes things easier for managers and employees to keep track!
  • Employees can view the remaining balance of their leaves themselves.



Requests and approvals can be a tiring process, with emails going around in circles and also endless meetings to no end.  With a seamless app like ours, employees can now raise any requests via their mobile phone. At the same time, HR managers or team leaders can also approve or disapprove certain requests immediately through the app itself. Best of all, we also created a seamless ‘Hierarchical Approval’ function that enables:

  • Dynamic multi-level approval.
  • Easily sign off or reject requests, as well as status tracking.
  • Ensure sensitive data is only accessed by authorized personnel.
  • Swift process with the tap of a finger (without calling or meeting the manager face-to-face).



Remember the days when we have to manually print out ‘claim forms’ and staple our receipts to it? Whilst the process is time-consuming, it’s also not applicable to today’s fast-paced work culture. Getting it all done online might be a hassle too if there’s no system in place.  

Therefore, with an HR mobile that has an existing E-Claim system, HR managers will have a hassle-free process in managing claims for the whole company.

With this app, everyone will be able to:

  • Scan receipts and submit the claims on the spot via their phones.
  • Notifications and reminders for the claim status.
  • View their claim histories and limits.
  • Submit claims by batch (By month/ categories/ purpose – biz trip, travel claim, etc).

For example, employees can create a batch of claims that falls under “APRIL” and save it as a draft. During the month of April, they can add in more claimable receipts and submit the whole batch right before the cut-off date. This is a convenience for the employees as they don’t have to submit claims one-by-one; while for the HR manager approving claims will be quick and swift as it’s all done in one go!

How much would you think would cost you… to have all these challenges solved?

If you think that the entire app is going to cost hundreds or thousands of Ringgit, you’re so wrong. In fact, the price of our app starts from only RM5 per user (depending on the package you pick, refer below).

If you think that our app might not be safe due to the low pricing, think again. When it comes to SECURITY, we offer the best as we’re hosted on the world’s top cloud infrastructure: Microsoft Azure Web Services (a top cloud platform that’s trusted by 95% of Fortune 500 businesses). We believe that the best services should also come with an affordable price tag.

It is the workforce that keeps the engine of your business running, so do not ever neglect it! To help HR managers get started, we’re offering a FREE trial of this bespoke app.

Just fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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